Mayweed, Dog Fennel (Anthemis cotula)

Malodorous, taprooted annual 6-24″ tall with branched stems. Leaves: alternate, 1.0-2.5″ long, 2-3 times pinnately dissected giving the plant a lacy appearance.

Flowers: ray flowers white 10-18, 0.2-0.4″ long, 3-toothed, sterile; disk yellow, 0.2-0.4″ wide; heads radiate, single head terminates each flowering stalk.

Asteraceae/Compositae (ASTER/COMPOSITE FAMILY)

Bloom time: May-August.

Where found: introduced from Europe. Fields and disturbed areas throughout the U.S. and TN. Frequent.

Note: other common names that allude to the unpleasant odor of Mayweed are Fetid Chamomile, Pigstye Daisy, Poison Daisy, Stinking Chamomile, and Stinkweed. Touching or ingesting the plant may cause an alleric reaction. There are only 2 Anthemis species in TN.

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