Carolina Desert-Chicory, False Dandelion (Pyrrhopappus carolinianus (Walt.) DC.)

Asteraceae (Aster Family)

General: Annual or biennial, 8-36 in. tall, from a large taproot; stems and branches smooth or minutely hairy, with milky sap. 

Leaves: Alternate, simple, oblanceolate to narrowly elliptic 3-10 in. long .04-2.5 in. wide, pinnately veined, smooth or minutely hairy; tips acute to acuminate; margins toothed to pinnatifid; bases wedge-shaped.

Flowers: Ray flowers pale yellow, numerous, 0.8-1,0 in. long; disk flowers absent; involucres about l in. high, 1 inner series of bracts and several outer series, inner bracts with distinctive 2-lobed thickenings at the tip; heads 1 to several on slender stalks.


Fruits: Round, ribbed achenes, tapered toward each end, with a long beak tipped with short reflexed white hairs pappus a tuft of tan hair like bristles.

Photographic Location: Sycamore Ridge Ranch
Where Found: Roadsides, fields, and waste places throughout the southeastern U S north to MD, IN, and NE. Throughout TN. Common

NOTES: This plant, also called Leafy False Dandelion is similar to Common Dandelion but has stem leaves in addition to basal leaves. Often visited by short-tongued bees.

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