Rock Island State Park 2014

Judy and I have started camping again after her knee replacement surgery. We could not think of a better place to go than Rock Island State park in Middle Tennessee. We have been to this park several times and just love it.
Rock Island State Park is an 883 acre park located on the headwaters of Center Hill Lake at the confluence of the Caney Fork, Collins and Rock Rivers. The rugged beauty of the park includes the Caney Fork Gorge below Great Falls Dam. These overlooks are some of the most scenic and significant along the Eastern Highland Rim. Great Falls is a 30 foot horseshoe cascading waterfall, located below the 19th century cotton textile mill that it powered over 100 years ago. Rock Island became a Tennessee State Park in 1969.

As usual, the staff was very friendly and helpful.

The camp grounds have just gone through a refreshing and the facilities were just great.

Since Judy was still recovering from surgery, we got to use the handicap spot. They now have 4 sewer hook-ups, 2 handicap and two regular.

There had been a good bit or rain lately, so the water was really flowing.

Twin Falls  

Another Twin Falls
More of Twin Falls

Great Falls

The Bosson Mill, built around the time of the Civil War, was one of the first major mills to use the waterpower of the Great Falls Gorge. Water from the falls was used to power a grist mill on the mill’s first floor and a carding factory on the second floor. Water was then diverted via flume to a sawmill downstream. The Bosson Mill, which was moderately profitable, was destroyed when the Caney Fork flooded in 1882.
The spring castle.  The “castle” is probably a larger version of a springhouse, which was used for refrigeration.

As usual I was out looking for wildflowers. This is one of my favorite trails.

Lots of photographic opportunities along this trail, especially wildflowers.

Some of the wildflowers seen on this trip;

Japanese Spiraea
Sensitive Brier

Virginia Spiderwort

Wild Hydrangea
Striped Wintergreen, Pipsissewa

 And last but not least,

Yellow False Foxglove (Similar to Smooth False Foxglove)

 These were only a few of many more.

I hope you enjoyed this short review of our trip to another one of Tennessee’s great state parks. What’s next, back to Big South Fork! Can’t wait!

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