May Prairie Class II Natural-Scientific State Natural Area, Coffee County, TN

First, a little bit about May Prairie. May Prairie is one of the State’s most floristically diverse natural areas with 25 of its more than 300 plant species that occur here considered rare in Tennessee. You can read about the history of May Prairie by visiting the May Prairie page on this website including the current plant list.

For many years now, Dennis Horn has been compiling a list of all the floristic plants at May Prairie. If you don’t know Dennis, just click on his name for more information about him. Earlier this year, he assigned me the task of updating this list with current names and data and making it available in PDF format. It took several months to accomplish this but it is now finished. Just go to the May Prairie page on this web site and after reading a short history of May Prairie, you can download a copy of the most current list.

OK, just to add a bit of color to this page, here is a picture of a very rare coastal prairie plant, Coastal False Asphodel (Triantha racemosa), taken recently at May Prairie.

Photographic Location: Coffee County in Middle Tennessee.

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